Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept. 28

5 Math WB p. 119 exept for # 4,6;  Study- quiz next week
5 Sci. test on Ch. 11 Wed.
4 Sci. Continue Study Sheet; test next week
4 Math Quiz Tues. on what we have done so far; WB p. 126 # 1-9

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept. 27

4 Rel. Study Beatitudes and meanings
4 Math Study classification of triangles by sides and angles; WB p. 125

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept. 26

Scholastic is due tomorrow.
5 Science test
4 Math The students received a letter today for you about their participation in an online program called Mathletics.  This is a resource which students do individually to practice and sharpen Math skills; sometimes I may give assignments to be completed.  There are helps to clarify concepts and practice and review exercises which show errors so students can learn from their mistakes.  Please encourage your child to take advantage of this resource.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept. 25

For Fourth Grade parents wishing to order Scholastic online, I believe the address is  1TOUZ is also our activation code.
Scholastic orders coming to me are due Thursday.  Please remember: checks should be made out to Scholastic Books Clubs.
Terra Nova testing continues.  Go to bed early, sharpen the pencils and eat a good breakfast.  Students will need looseleaf.
5 Science test on Thursday

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept. 24

Terra Nova testing continues tomorrow.  Sharpen those pencils, go to bed early and eat a good breakfast.
5 Religion Sign and correct test on looseleaf
5 Math Sign and correct test on looseleaf
5 Science p. 366 Use Vocabulary and Explain Concepts Sections; test Thurs.
4 Math Sign and correct two quizzes; WB p. 124
4 Grade Sign the Summer Counts mark page in the front.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept. 21

5 Science Lesson Checkpoint p. 361; test next week
5 Math Study
4 Math On looseleaf copy definitions p. 336 twice  and study; review classification chart
Pizza forms due Monday.  Bring sharpened # 2 pencils for testing beginning Monday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sept. 20

4 Religion test Friday  Ch. 1
4 Math Study all definitions; WB p. 123
5 Math WB p. 118
5 Science WB p. 111A, 112
4 Science Study definitions
Terra Nova testing begins on Monday.  The students need sharpened # 2 pencils with eraser.
Pizza forms are due no later than Monday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept. 19

4 Math Finish WB p. 122; study definitions
5 Science p. 353 Lesson Checkpoint # 2 on looseleaf
4 Science WB p. 103 A
4 Religion test Friday
5 Religion Illustrate parable
5 Math Worksheet # 9-13; Study
Terra Nova testing begins on Monday.  Students will need a few sharpened # 2 pencils with eraser or a separate eraser.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sept. 18

4 Religion test Friday Ch. 1
5 Math WB p. 117
5 Science  For Lab next week, bring a piece of aluminum foil 1 foot long and a handful of pennies; Study all definitions and concepts up to p. 351; Start Study Sheet
5 Religion test;  Finish Chapter Review if not complete
4 Math WB p. 122 # 1-8; study definitions

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 17

4 Math Quiz; WB p. 121 # 1-10
5 Sci. For lab, bring a piece of aluminum foil one foot long and a handful of pennies; WB pp. 110-110A; STUDY NOTES
4 Sci. WB pp. 102-102A in notebook; study notes
4 Rel test Friday
5 Math quiz on angles, lines
5 Rel. test Wed.
Reminder: Students must come to each class prepared with the necessary materials.  Credit from the classwork and conduct mark is deducted for failing to observe this rule.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept. 14

5 Math quiz Tuesday - vocab., naming, measuring angle and lines; WB p. 116
4 Math quiz Tuesday on all vocab. and concepts we have studied so far

Sept. 13

4 Math WB p. 120 # 1-10
4 Sci. On looseleaf write a summary of what you did and learned in Science Lab today
Please note:  Due to computer issues, this work was not posted yesterday.  Students remain responsible for copying their assignments in class.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept. 12

5 Science Checkpoint p. 345; study notes
5 Math WB p. 114; study
5 Religion Key Words p. 26; study
4 Math Study notes

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. 11

We remembered in prayer all those tho lost their lives in the World Trade Center eleven years ago.  May they rest in peace.
5 Math WB p. 113; study
5 Science On looseleaf write a summary of the steps and concepts you learned today in Science Lab about determining density.
4 Science Lesson Checkpoint p. 321 # 1-2; Do in notebook
4 Math WB p. 113
Meet the Teachers night is tomorrow at 7:00 PM.
There is an 11:30 dismissal on Thursday with no AfterSchool.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept. 10

4 Math Finish writing definitions p.  326 if not completed; study them.
5 Math Copy and study definitions p. 324

Friday, September 7, 2012


Welcome back to another school year.  The Fourth Grade wrote their goals for this year.  They want to be good students and know that to achieve,  they need to work and study hard.  They are aiming to have perfect attendance, be responsible, organized and most importantly to be kind and respectful to all.  Admirable goals!
The students have one notebook to be used for copying their homework assigments and reminders.  Please check and sign this notebook every day.  You will be aware of the assignments, upcoming tests, due dates etc as well as of missing assignments or unsigned tests.
The students received many forms this week.  Please check their folders and complete any necessary:
Two completed Emergency Cards,
 the ID/Dismissal form,
 the Handbook acknowledgement form,
the E-Rate form,
AfterSchool form,
Parish Affliation form,
Yearly Dress Down and  Lunch form are all due on Monday if they have not been returned. 
All textbooks must be covered in Book Sox and soft covered books in contac or similar.
Please be aware that the Meet the Teachers night has been moved from Friday, September 14 to Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 PM.
Many thanks for your cooperation.