Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 30

First Friday Mass at 8:45 AM All parents are welcome to worship with us.
5 Math WB p. 23 # 1-10; test on Chapter 1 on Tuesday
5 Religion Sign second test
4 Math Sign mark for practice pack; if your child did not hand this in, the mark is zero.
text p. 62 # 6 - 22; test next Wednesday
Science test for both Grades 4 and 5 next week. Continue studying and complete Study Sheet.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept. 29

Teating will conclude for the 4 Grade tomorrow. Go to bed early, eat breakfast and come prepared with sharpened pencils and an eraser.
4 Science Vocab. Review p. F 34 - Copy the definitions andchoose the correct word.
4 Grade: if Math WB p. 11 was not done or if the Religion test was not signed and corrected, please do so.
Students are responsible for copying and completing the homework assignments and for bringing home the correct books. Reminder: credit is deducted for missing or incomplete homework and tests not signed and corrected on time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 28

Testing continues - sharpened pencils, eraser; go to bed early and eat breakfast
5 Math WB p. 20 col. 1
4 Religion Sign and correct test in sentences on looseleaf
4 Math WB p. 11

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept. 27

Terra Nova testing continues tomorrow; sharpened #2 pencils and eraser. Be sure to get enough rest and eat breakfast.
5 Science Review Questions p. A 27; Compare Food Diary to Recommeded Servings on looseleaf
4 Grade Revise paragraph on Autumn
4 Math WB p. 10 even

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sept. 26

Terra Nova testing will begin on Monday. Students should wear their school uniform, not Gym uniform, tomorrow and be prepared with at least 2 sharpened # 2 pencils and an eraser. Many mechanical pencils do not use # 2 lead so please check that the pencil says # 2. Special classes are cancelled for the week.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept. 24

Sharpened pencils, eraser
Finish First Draft

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sept. 23

4 Math WB p. 6 even
Terra Nova testing next week: come prepared with sharpened #2 pencils and an eraser
Band forms due Friday
Scholastic due Friday
5 Math WB p. 19 # 1-10
5 Science Food Diary and Food Pyramid due
Vocab. p. A 24
4 Religion test
5 Religion Sign and correct

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept. 22

4 Math WB p. 8
Scholastic due Friday
5 Math WB p. 18 even; Use pack for review!
4 Science Study vocabulary and notes
4 Rel. test Friday
Band Forms are due Friday.
Enrichment forms are due tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept. 21

5 Science Food Diary and Food Pyramid due Fri.; Review Ques. p. A 21
5 Math Math Pack - Thurs.
5 Religion test
4 Science Review Questions p. F 15
4 Religion Finish Review p. 28; test Fri.
Band Forms due Friday
Please complete and return all Emergency Cards, Enrichment Forms, Acceptable Use forms, Photo Permission or Refusal forms, and Art Forms.

Dear Parents,
The teachers are most willing to meet with you to discuss your concerns. However, due to professional responsibilities, we are not always free to see you at a particular time. Please request a conference and an appointment will be made to meet with you. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept. 20

5 Science Study notes; be sure to study each system's functions and the parts of each
4 Math Math Pack; WB p. 7
4 Science Write definitions Vocab. p. F 12
5 Rel. test Wed.
Photo permission or refusal form signed and returned
Some students are missing one or more of the following forms: please complete and return if not already submitted:
2 Emergency Cards - completed on both sides and signed
Acceptable Use form for use of Computer; students who do not return this form will not be able to use the school computers.
Art Supply form

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept. 16

4 Math WB p. 6 # 1-12
4 Science Answer Review Questions p. F9 in sentences in NB
5 Math WB p. 3
5 Science Review Ques. p. A 13
5 Religion WS

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 15

Please return Acceptable Use policy forms. Art supplies and notices are due Tuesday.
Please complete both sides of the two Emergency Cards.
Students received the Handbook today. Please review it with your child and sign the Form at the back that you have reviewed it. Please note: the website for homework is this one, not schoolnotes.
5 Science Study notes.
4 Math WB p. 4 # 1-5 and 13 - 16; worksheet both sides.
Students should set up the assignment book for the next school day when they complete their assignments each day. Please sign the assignment book every night.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 14

Many thanks to all the parents who made the sacrifice of their time to come to "Meet the Teacher" night! "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night..." stopped you from coming to share this informative evening with us.
5 Science Students will start a Food Diary starting next Monday. They will compare their weekly diet to the recommended balance of the Food Pyramid. They will complete the Food Pyramid using pictures or drawings of the food groups - due Sept. 24.
5 Math WS both sides
4 Math WS both sides
4 Rewrite paragraph on looseleaf
Acceptable Use Policy signed
Art Supplies due for class next week

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept. 13

4 Math WS # 22-23
Meet the Teachers tonight at 7 PM
4 Do first draft on back of yellow paper
5 Math WS # 21 - 30

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept. 10

Math Complete and color worksheet.
All text books must be covered in book sox or paper; soft-covered books in contac.
All students must be in uniform on Monday.
Please remember to sign the Homework Assignment book every night.
The "Meet the Teachers" Night will be on Monday, September 13 at 7 PM in Kelly Hall.
Let us ask God's help and blessing on our families, students and school by worshipping this weekend.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept. 9, 2010

Math: Complete the "Coyote" worksheet
Remember to get your assignment book signed each night.
All textbooks and soft covered books must be covered by Monday.
We will be attending the 8:45 AM Mass tomorrow. Parents and friends are most welcome to come and celebrate with us.
Please make every effort to attend the "Meet the Teachers" evening on Monday, Sept. 13 at 7:00 PM. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 8, 2010

Congratulations on completing the first day of Fourth Grade!
During this week, students should be taking home a few books each night to be covered and returning them the next day until all textbooks (in book sox or paper) and soft covered books (in contac) are covered by Monday.
The handbook "Math At Hand" should be kept in a convenient place at home for use during the year. This is a handy resource for homework help and for review. These books will be collected in June.
Students received a form today to update your information re: address, phone numbers, contact persons, signatures, etc. On the back is the form for procedure at dismissal. Please complete both sides of this form and return to me.
For homework, complete both sides of the Math worksheet B13 and B21. These should be done for speed and accuracy with the goal of completing each side in a minute.
In Reading, complete the graphic organizer "Great Greens". The worksheet on the Pledge of Allegiance has been completed and checked and should be removed from the folder.
Reminder: "Summer Counts" books are due tomorrow.

Regarding supplies:
Many thanks to all who brought in tissues and paper towels!
Supply list for Students entering the Fourth and Fifth Grades in September 2010

It is suggested that you purchase sufficient supplies while they are readily available and keep the surplus supplies at home until needed.

A supply of pens – blue or black ink only (need 2 in school daily)
# 2 pencils and eraser (need 2 sharpened pencils daily)
Ten large marble composition books (different colors for different subjects is recommended) At this time, 6 are needed in school. The rest should be kept at home until needed.
Pencil case
A large supply of loose-leaf - some placed in one folder and store the rest at home until needed
Graph paper – a few sheets should be kept in the folder and the rest kept at home to use to resupply
Two 2 pocket folders
Five or more jumbo size Book Sox for covering textbooks Note: textbooks must be covered at all times.
Contac or plastic for covering for the soft covered books
A small supply of crayons or markers (or an assortment of old ones) for classroom use
Glue stick
Safety scissors
Four operation calculator
Yellow highlighter
Construction paper

PLEASE NOTE: Book bags should be large enough to carry the necessary books used for homework and study assignments. Spiral notebooks, loose-leaf binders, trapper keepers, and personal organizers are not permitted. Notebooks and book covers are to be kept free of stickers and drawings. Pens and pencils should not have decorative accents, i.e. lights, bells, feathers, etc. Students should carry their own handkerchief or tissues each day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept. 7, 2010

Welcome to a new school year! By working together, we can have a happy and fulfilling year. I am looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow, our first day. Students should arrive at school in uniform between 8:00 AM and 8:10 AM. Morning Prayer begins at 8:10 AM. Students arriving after 8:10 AM are late. Dismissal this week will be at 11:30 AM from the back of the school at the auditorium door nearest the Convent. Students do not need to bring all the supplies listed on the Supply List tomorrow. Please do bring a pen and a sharpened pencil, a folder, two notebooks and crayons. Students may bring the Jumbo sized book sox to school and cover the texts in school if you wish. Books will be sent home gradually this week to be covered, so all students need a schoolbag in which to carry them.
I hope that you have been working on the math facts, script and the Summer Counts book, which is due on Thursday. See you tomorrow!